The Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP)  in cooperation with Shih Chien University (SCU) of Taipei, Taiwan will organize the Asia Summer University 2019 Programme offering 8 courses to be held on the following dates :

1)      July 7-July 20, 2019.
2)      August 4-August 17, 2019.

The details of these 8 intensive courses are as follows:
Course 1: Design for Understanding
Course 2: Expedition of K-Pop!
Course 3: Fashion Branding
Course 4: Leadership Learning and Practice
Course 5: Business Management in China
Course 6: Data Transformation
Course 7: Exploration of Wine Culture in Italy
Course 8: Global Economy – Summer 2019

The course descriptions of the above courses are enclosed. The programme intends to bring in students around the world to SCU in Taipei, Taiwan.  Moreover, the students and faculties will have a chance to explore and enhance their skills through academic and cultural exchanges. Kindly visit the Website:

For more information and registration please contact Mr. Andy Liu, Director,
Cross-strait Affairs Section of Shih Chien University through email