The Conference on Biomedical and Advanced Materials 2017 (Bio-CAM2017) which will take place on the 28th to 29th November 2017 at Bayview Hotel, Langkawi, Malaysia. Bio-CAM2017 is organized by Industrial Centre of Innovation (ICI) in Biomedical, SIRIM Industrial Research (SIR), SIRIM Berhad.

Authors are invited to submit original, previously unpublished papers in the following areas, but not limited to:  

·         Biomaterials & Biotechnology

·         Biosensor and Bioelectronic Materials

·         Biomedical  and Biodevices

·         Bioprocess and applications

·         Biomechanical

·         Implant Materials

·         Advanced Composite , Polymer and Ceramic Materials

·         Powder Production  and Preparation

·         Powder Metallurgy

·         Additive Manufacturing

·         Electrical/Magnetic Materials

·         Nuclear Materials

·         Hard Metals and Cutting Tools

·         Filters and Porous Materials

·         Machining process

·         Graphene

·         Failure Analysis

·         Advanced Characterization

·         Coatings and Surface Engineering

·         Computational Materials Science

·         New Functional Materials

·         Optical and Photonic Materials

·         Testing and Evaluation of Materials

·         Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology