“The Debate Contest of SUN (DECOS) 2019”
The 1st International Debate Contest for the Students of SUN (the Silk-Road Universities Network)

  1. Objectives:
  • Enhancing the students’ understanding about the philosophy of SUN: respecting differences among people and culture as the reason for celebration rather than segregation and as a key to ensuring peaceful co-existence and co-prosperity along the Silk Roads and among all civilizations on earth
  • Strengthening the collaboration and competition between the students enrolled in SUN member universities;
  • Broadening the discussion platform between students in topics related to multi-culturalism, openness, creativity, and common goals;
  • Developing students’ skills and competences in public debate and oratory;
  • Enhancing mutual understanding and uniting ideas under an umbrella of competition.
  1. Dates: From October 7 ~11, 2019
  2. Place: University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
  3. Method of Contest
  • Competition among teams, not individuals
  • Composition of teams: 3 students for each of the participating universities who were designated by the university head (president, rector, vice-chancellor)
  • Total number of teams and students to be invited: 16 teams (one team for each university and for each country) and 48 students (3 students x 16 teams) in total. If there are more than one university within a country which want to participate in the contest, the organizer may run a local contest to determine one team who will participate in the contest as a national representative.
  • Language to be used: English
  • Topics for debate: diverse issues on multi-culturalism, economic development, science and technology, higher education, literature, history, peaceful co-existence and co-prosperity along the Silk Roads. One topic will be informed to all participating teams one week after completion of registration so that each team can prepare their first-round debate contest in advance; and then the teams on the second-round competition will have a chance to select another topic for their debate after arrival at Bucharest.
  • Designation & Registration: The heads of participating universities are cordially requested to designate and inform us via e-mail (sunofficial0822@gmail.com) a team of three students who will participate in the contest as the representative team of their universities by May 31, 2019. Those students are supposed to register their participation in the contest by June 5, 2019 through the website of SUN, sun-silkroadia.org.
  1. Fees for Registration and Participation:
  2. Those to be provided by the Organizers: Organizers will provide the participants with accommodation and meals during the period of the event. Please note that the organizers do not provide the round-trip air tickets. They are expected to be taken care of by the participating universities or the students themselves. A tour of the surroundings of Bucharest may be arranged on an optional basis. Participants in this tour is expected to pay 20 EUR.
  3. Prizes:

The following prizes will be given to teams:

  • Grand Prize
  • Prize of Excellence in Defense
  • Prize of Excellence in Oratory Style
  • Prize of Excellence in Strategy

Certificates and medals will be awarded to individuals of the prize-winning teams.

Further information:
Silk-road Universities Network (SUN)
Office 909. Main(Administration) Building, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies,
107 Imun-ro Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea