Research Center for Biomedical Engineering FTUI held Biomedical and Bioprocess Engineering Workshop entitled “How to Create Good Research and Publication in Biorefinery?” in Chevron FTUI Room at 9am, August 29th, 2017. The speakers are from Universitas Indonesia and Universiti Putra Malaysia. This workshop was financially funded by World Class Professor FTUI aimed to facilitate lecturer, researcher, and student to improve their quality as well as quantity in writing and publishing their journal.

Workshop was divided into two sessions. In the first session, the speakers were giving a lecturer regarding how to write paper. It was started by Prof. Dr. Misri Gozan, M. Tech (the director of RCBE FTUI) entitled “Development of Biorefinery Products from Biomass of Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunch at Universitas Indonesia” and “How to Write Research and Publication. Then, Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ali Hassan delivered workshop entitled “Scientific Writing and Publishing in Journals and Research Publish Flourish Universitas Indonesia”. He works in Department of Bioprocess Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Prof. Ali, as he is familiarly called, eagerly insisted us not only to do research, but also publish the research result. The scopes of his presentation are what is a good eco-system to publish and flourish, why do we need and how do we create a good research eco-system.

The second session was performed to facilitate the participants that already brought their manuscript to be discussed. Prof. Ali gave his suggestion for each presented manuscript to improve the quality of the manuscript. The speakers was interactive and the participant was also enthusiast and enjoy the workshop until finished at 3 pm. (RCBE FTUI)