The collaboration that has been built by the Depok City Government and the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (FTUI) will continue to be strengthened during the leadership period of the Dean of FTUI 2022-2026, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU. This was agreed and confirmed by Dean Heri at a meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Depok, Imam Budi Hartono (26/01).

At the meeting which ran warmly, apart from being the first opportunity for the Depok City Government to meet and discuss with the new FTUI management, the two parties also seriously discussed various strategic agendas.

“The Depok City Government is committed to strengthening collaborative collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI). Various development agendas for Depok City and FTUI’s internal agenda are sought to be synergistic with the new management vision of FTUI, namely Excellence and Impact,” said Imam, who is also an FTUI alumnus.

“The city of Bandung is famous for the collaboration between Ridwan Kamil and ITB. There is also Surabaya, which is famous for the collaboration between Risma and ITS. It will be more relevant if the Depok City Government seeks strategic collaboration with the Universitas Indonesia,” continued Imam.

Dean Heri himself warmly welcomed various offers of collaboration with the Depok City Government. “Strengthening the collaboration of Depok City development based on Pentahelix where 5 subject elements or city development stakeholders work together, namely Academics, Business , Community, Government and Media or commonly abbreviated as ABCGM.”

FTUI has a long history of cooperation with the Depok City Government. In 2018, Dr. Ir. Praswasti PDK Wulan, M.T., a senior researcher from FTUI led a research team from FIB and Fasilkom UI to initiate a virtual tour program to increase the heritage attractiveness of historic buildings in the Depok Lama area. “This program which later became the forerunner to strengthening the plan for the development of the Old Depok Heritage area which is now being worked on by a team led by Prof. Kemas Ridwan Kurniawan, an expert on Culture and History of FTUI Architectural Buildings,” said Dean Heri.

Other collaborations discussed included plans to develop Water Infrastructure, Connectivity and Transportation, Solid Waste, Bridges, Taman Margonda/UI Depok Gate to breakthroughs in the development of Heritage-based Tourism and Lake Tourism, which were crucial points that were agreed to strengthen collaboration.

“There was a common spirit that was awakened from the meeting, namely the Awakening Initiative and Development Progressivity for the house with most of the University of Indonesia Civitas as their domicile, namely Depok City,” continued Deputy Mayor Imam.

During the visit, Imam Budi Hartono was accompanied by the Head of Depok Bappeda Dadang Wihana, Head of the Poryata Service Dadan Rustandi, Team Synergy Askar Triwiyanto and Ahmad Fitrianto and Ade Supriyatna, a member of the Depok City DPRD who is also an alumnus of FTUI. The group was welcomed by the Dean of FTUI, Manager of Cooperation, Venture and Alumni of FTUI, Dr.-Ing. Dalhar Susanto, and Head of the Department of Architecture, FTUI, Dr. Ir. Achmad Hery Fuad, M.Eng.


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