On August 16, 2022, Regional and City Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (PWK FTUI) visited the city known as Veranda of Mecca, Banda Aceh. On this visit, the Head of the Urban and Regional Planning Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (PWK FTUI), Dr. -Ing Ova Candra Dewi, S.T, M.Sc., GP accompanied by Dr. Phil. Hendricus Andy S. S.T., M.M, as a PWK FTUI lecturer who also serves as Chair of the Indonesian Association of Planning Experts (IAP) conducted a roadshow to Syiah Kuala University, Aceh, which is located in the westernmost province of Indonesia.

The purpose of holding the FTUI PWK roadshow is to initiate collaborative activities in the world of education, especially related to the development of urban areas. Another goal is to introduce the FTUI Urban and Regional Planning Masters Study Program to Unsyah students who are in their final year. In addition, the activity also explained the potential for employment opportunities and the professions of PWK FTUI Master’s graduates who are prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of regional and city planners in the era of digital innovation.

The theme of this roadshow is “Urban Planning in Industry 4.0 – Challenges and Opportunities for Regional and City Planners in the Era of Digital Innovation and the Planning Profession in Digital Transformation”. Dr. -Ing Ova Candra Dewi, S.T, M.Sc. said, “We welcome the idea of ​​improving Banda Aceh’s urban planning, especially in terms of bringing out the character of Acehnese culture. The FTUI PWK Master Program designs programs where graduates have reliable competence in the fields of planning, design, and engineering and focuses on digital innovation and smart city-based design at the National and International levels.”

Head of the Syah Kuala University Study Program, Banda Aceh, Dr. Halis Agussani, MT., also welcomed the invitation to collaborate with the two PWK institutions. On this occasion Dr. Phil. Hendricus Andy S.S.T., M.S. also added that PWK master graduates can immediately meet the requirements for the certified planner competency test from LSP PWK.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia