Welcoming the 42nd Anniversary of Petrochemical Gas, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (GPTK FTUI), the Alumni Association (Iluni) of GPTK held a casual meeting with lecturers of the Chemical Engineering Department, FTUI, last Friday (17/6). Two lecturers were present as guests at this casual talk show, namely Mohammad Nasikin and Dewi Tristantini. Meeting and greeting each other virtually between alumni and lecturers fostered the warmth of this event. The two lecturers talked about how busy they are at the moment.

“Currently, I am teaching chemitechnopreneurship. This course teaches Chemical Engineering students to produce Chemical Engineering products that can be marketed to the market or market place. Every year there are two types of products produced. In addition, I teach PAP and catalysts. become a thesis supervisor,” said Prof. Nasikin, who is also the former Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering, FTUI.

Dewi Tristanti also added that she was still teaching applied mathematics which was called “Cursed Mathematics” by her former students at GPK. In addition, Dewi also explained that the industrial excursion courses, since 2010 have not been available. This is different from the experience of GPK students from the 90s who still feel.

“In recent years, I have done a lot of research on the use of herbal plants. This use is carried out for herbal medicine to cosmetic ingredients. Who would have thought, oil palm bthat unches can function as an exfoliate in skincare. Micropitches in exfoliating skincare commonly cause harm and emissions. I found that cellulose This can be obtained from empty oil palm bunches,” said Dewi Tristanti.

Dewi added that Indonesia is rich in Natural Resources (SDA), all of which can be utilized as long as there are bright ideas. In addition, Dewi also conveyed the results of research in the form of Jamu Bancar Resik which can improve blood circulation and other findings, namely synthetic meat.

The two lecturers were also asked by alumni who were present about teaching during the pandemic. He said there were no major changes in the learning process of the farmers. He continues to teach in front of the camera while explaining. However, he realized that students still need a lot of practice to develop their imagination about the actual situation in a factory or industrial environment.

GPK FTUI’s 42nd Anniversary celebrations and pre-events will continue. The next activity is joint sports activities and visits to FTUI. Furthermore, there are many pre-event activities that will be carried out until January 7, 2023 later.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia