The Documentation Center of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) submitted 1,274 archives of Permanent (Static) value to the Archives Office of Universitas Indonesia (30/08). Previously, in February – March 2022, the FTUI Documentation Center first recorded various static archives within the FTUI environment. A total of 1,274 static archives were recorded which were then sent to the UI Archives Office for further evaluation.

Based on the results of the assessment carried out by the UI Archives Office on the list of static archive acquisitions from the Faculty of Engineering, it was agreed that all FTUI files were permanent (static). Furthermore, the archives will be acquired by the UI Archives Office and stored as university archives.

The static archive submitted by FTUI consists of:

  • 68 files related to the Decree of the Rector/ Dean/ Head of Program/ and School Director;
  • 151 files related to Magazines;
  • 9 files related to Documentation;
  • 27 documents related to Documentation (photos);
  • 198 files related to Documentation (Audiovisual);
  • 3 files related to Documentation (University Report);
  • 786 files related to diplomas and transcripts;
  • 31 files related to academic value data; and
  • 1 file related to employee awards and service marks.

Static archives are archives produced by archive creators that have a welfare value, their retention period has expired, and has permanent information that is verified directly or indirectly by archival institutions.

The submitted archives will be managed by the University of Indonesia Archives Office. Archival material will be digitized and uploaded to the electronic archive system of the University of Indonesia so that it can be accessed by the public.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia