If you are an engineering undergraduate or member of the academic staff at an university or a college,
If you are working on an engineering project as a student or as an advisor,
If you want to have fun and discuss your project with your fellow students and professors from all over the World,
And do all these without any charge for meals and accommodation in a foreign country
Then you should apply to ICAMES 2016!

What is ICAMES?

ICAMES (International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students) is an international, academic, scientific and cultural project competition that is held in May annually by the Engineering Society (ENSO) of Bogazici University. It is supported by the Bogazici University Rectorate, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey). It’s academic committee is formed by the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and an advisor from each Engineering Department of Bogazici University. ICAMES, of which the 22nd will be held this year, welcomes all engineering projects that are in advanced level. We do not only have an academic workshop, but also various activities introducing different countries and cultures to each other. In addition to the project presentations, activities such as the “Culture Night” about the participating countries, Bosphorus and city tours, Turkish Night, outdoor games, bowling tournaments, Quiz Shows, sports tournaments and a Final Music Concert are included in the ICAMES program as well.

ICAMES 2016 (5 – 11 May 2016)

ICAMES (International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students) which is held annually by the Engineering Society of Bogazici University in Turkey is getting started for the 22nd time.
This is a world-wide engineering project competition. The only prerequisite for a project to participate is that it should deal with engineering techniques and of course must be prepared by undergraduate students.
All the expenses of the participants are covered by the Organization Committee of ICAMES 2016 including food, accommodation, entertainment etc. except the travel expenses.

As it is said on the above, this year is 22nd year of ICAMES. Owing to this, we, as the organization committee, have decided to touch on a popular and essential subject of era: sustainability. In this year, in addition to 3rd, 2nd and 1st prizeof ICAMES Project Contest, there will also be a Sustainability Special Award. If you will participate with a project, that concerns about sustainability, you will also become a candidate for this prize. It is not necessary that your project has to be about sustainability completely; however we really appreciate if you establish a connection between your project and the sustainability. Details about the winner awards will be announced in upcoming weeks. Candidate projects which include such a connection will be more likely to be elected as a participant.

The participating projects will be evaluated with the criteria:

-Quality of Work

-Quality of Demonstration

-Quality of Presentation


Application for ICAMES 2016:

To participate ICAMES , you should download application form from the website of ICAMES and after filling it you should send the form to icames@boun.edu.tr.(Your project description must be minimum half page and maximum one page)
Application form: http://www.icames.boun.edu.tr/app.rtf


Handing in Project Proposals and Application Forms April 1st, 2016
Notification of Acceptance april 20th, 2016
Final Program Announcement April 10th, 2016

Presentation Week May 5th-11th, 2016

For further information and to download our application form, please visit our website at:

Alternatively, contact us by e-mail: