Three Industrial Engineering Students class 2019, Aldi, Jodian Fariza Aji, and Nelson Julio who are members of the Antetokounmpo Team won Third Place in the international industrial engineering competition, the 10th Industrial Engineering Competition (IECOM) 2022 which will take place on December 3, 2021–February 19, 2022. The FTUI team competed with 20 teams from domestic and foreign universities that participated in this year’s IECOM.

This competition is held by Industrial Engineering Students at the Bandung Institute of Technology (MTI ITB) and is designed for undergraduate students majoring in Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management, or other related fields. The Antetokounmpo Team participated in four stages at IECOM this year, namely the Preliminary Round, Elimination Round, Semi-Finals, and presentation of business case resolutions at the Grand Final stage.

The Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU said, “In this competition, FTUI students are challenged to apply their knowledge of Industrial Engineering to provide answers to real-life problems. Students have the opportunity to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills to take advantage of the possibilities of the cases. This is in accordance with FTUI’s vision to produce graduates who have an impact on the country.”

“In the final stage, we were asked to provide a solution to a case entitled Paragon’s Integrative Strategy to Retain Local Beauty Market and Develop Sustainability through its DNA. By optimizing corporate values—combined with sustainability—Paragon can better serve its customers while empowering their stakeholders. We recognize that Paragon is a beauty company that is widely sought after by the Indonesian people. Therefore, we are trying to answer the existing challenges through this proposal,” said Aldi, Antetokounmpo team leader.

The beauty market in Indonesia and its potential is huge, supported by high purchasing power and interest in buying premium products. Paragon must take this opportunity and encourage and socialize the agenda related to sustainability, quality, and functionality through multi-aspects of future development programs.

“In today’s era, innovation related to sustainability is the key to winning the hearts of consumers. With sustainability in mind, through what innovative solutions can Paragon maintain its position and achieve a wider reach in the beauty industry? Analyze, define and understand the market with CRM as the key to minimize waste. Excess production of goods has cost the company that produces it financially and time,” explains Nelson.

The Antetokounmpo team offers three solutions for Paragon, namely (1) analyzing, determining, and understanding the market with CRM as the key to minimizing waste, (2) developing product packaging by highlighting aspects of sustainability and transparency, (3) marketing campaigns to win back people’s hearts .

“Although recycling from collection centers has been implemented to mitigate the impact of the waste, it still makes sense for Paragon to target the North Star to achieve full sustainability. The surge in e-commerce channels creates opportunities for Paragon to manage its customers directly and understand them better. Through channel optimization and CRM implementation, we can take a closer look and thus better predict market dynamics and trends,” said Jodian.


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