The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) and the Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia (FKM UI) held an online meeting (27/04) to share experiences in building a Corruption-Free Regional Integrity Zone. Also present at this event were the Vice Dean for Resources, Ventures and General Administration of FTUI, Prof. Ir. Mahmud Sudibandriyo M.Sc., Ph.D, Dean of FKM UI for the 2019–2022 period, Prof. Dr. dr. Sabarinah, Dean of FKM UI for the period 2022-2025, Prof. Mondastri Korib Sudaryo, and other leaders from the two faculties.

In his speech, Prof. Mahmud said, “FTUI learns from FKM UI so that it can gain achievements in building an Integrity Zone as an effort towards a Corruption-Free Area. FTUI hopes to get information and input related to the requirements and processes towards the predicate of the Corruption-Free Regional Integrity Zone”.

“With the hard work of the previous leadership, FKM UI got a corruption-free status. It is also a challenge as it maintains, continues and upgrades to the WBM level. By sharing with FT, hopefully we can get there. Hopefully we can share what we have. Hopefully we can learn together,” said Prof. Mondastri Korib Sudaryo.

Met on a separate occasion, the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU said, “A Corruption-Free Integrity Zone is a very noble idea. This idea serves as a reminder that we work with high performance and integrity. The government, in this case the Ministry of Empowerment of State Apparatus and Public Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan RB), conducts an area of ​​integrity and a corruption-free area to create a clean generation ready to serve.”

“In applying to become an integrity area and a corruption-free area, several important documents need to be prepared, namely the integrity zone development document, the corruption-free area development document, and the Strategic Plan document. In addition, the hardest part is filling out the LHKPN and LHKASN in a state of 100% filling,” said Prof. Dr. dr. Sabarinah, Dean of FKM UI for the 2022-2025 period.

The precondition documents, namely LHKPN and LHKASN, can reach 100% to be filled out by FKM staff through massive persuasion. FKM UI tries every way to make all elements fulfill the document. In addition to document preparation, in order to prove that FKM UI has good service and complies with the criteria in the integrity zone and a corruption-free area, FKM UI instills this mindset in every academic community. One way to instill this principle is to create a march and hymn for FKM UI.

“FKM UI provides services with HEALTHY principles, which stands for polite, effective and efficient, humanist, active, and responsive. The explanation of these principles is contained in the FKM UI pocket book which also contains the implementation of 9 UI values ​​and do and don’ts when serving. The principle of being effective and efficient is proven by FKM UI services, which are now mostly done online. We created applications for the immediate management of administrative and lecture documents, such as monalizi and e-complaints,” said Prof. Sabarinah.

From the various changes made, FKM UI has a positive impact. Several positive impacts were obtained, namely the knowledge of service recipients increased to an average of two days, paper usage was only 10 reams per month, increased access to information through social media, structuring the HR system, competency assessment through rewards and punishments.

“The basis for building an integrity zone is leadership involvement in planning and performance agreements. Preparation of documents related to planners related to the Strategic Plan referring to the Strategic Plan of the UI. Arranged annual activities for all officials in the faculty environment. An important aspect after careful planning is monitoring. Monitoring can be done by a system developed by UI, such as EDOM. Quarterly supervision is monitored by SISKA and then presented openly on the FKM UI website. Supervision also starts from individual to individual, down to the unit. Because supervision is important, we created a monitoring team, namely TPG, SPIFF, Community Complaints Follow-up Team, “said Prof. Sabarinah.

Standards, procedures, and internalization of integrity values ​​are important in realizing the Integrity Zone. Innovation is used to internalize and improve public services. The applications that FKM UI creates are a form of innovation. FKM UI explains comprehensively regarding the various system reforms they carry out. Equally important, the strict control system is consistent evidence in the implementation of FKM UI’s plans and services.


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Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia