Infrastructure is a sector that plays an important role in increasing a country’s economic growth, one of which is by providing connectivity that facilitates the community and mobilizes people, goods and services from one place to other various regions of Indonesia, so as to encourage equitable distribution of national development and increase productivity, competitiveness, and […]

In order to follow up the Memorandum of Understanding (NKB) between the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) and the Universitas Indonesia (UI) which was held on November 30, 2021 ago. LPS and UI agreed to then sign a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) on Education, Research, and Community Service related to the Functions, Duties and Authorities of the […]

The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) held a work meeting of the Three Organs on Thursday-Friday, March 17-18, 2022 in Bogor. The Three Organs Working Meeting was held as a means of gathering and also sharing perceptions between Faculty Management, Faculty Academic Senate and Faculty Professors Council.

On Monday (14/3), the Masters Program in Environmental Engineering, University of Indonesia held the fourth session of the webinar as well as a public lecture series “Resources Recovery as The Future of Environmental Engineering”.