Implementation SDGs 11 at FTUI

11.2 Support of arts and heritage

Aside from medical studies, FTUI also support the arts and heritage. FTUI has a lot of events that goes in the theme of art, this includes; Unjuk Rasa and Satu Untuk Semua, a big art event that showcases the FTUI’s community talents in musical drama, orchestra and others. The student council of FTUI has its own arts departement where they held extracuricurral activities for specific arts for their students. Under the student council there is a specific organization for film and photo enthousiasts called BFM (Badan Film Mahasiswa), where they also held film screenings and art exhibitions. Students of FTUI has also won and/or compete ini non-medical competitions such as Abang None and Miss Indonesia. The student council of FTUI also conducted a work program “Contingent Guidance” where they guide and support art contingents to compete in UIAW, medical league, and national other art competitions.

The historic white building of FTUI has been conserved as an iconic landmark in DKI Jakarta as a cultural heritage which was built since 1916-1920. FTUI allocated budgets in for building maintenance and conservations each year in order to preserve the national cultural heritage building. In 2020, as commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the building, FTUI carried out a series of activities to preserve the FTUI building as a cultural heritage building in the form of building renovations and environmental preservation of cultural heritage buildings. Also, inside IMERI FKUI there is a museum that has been officialized by the government. The museum comprises of more than 5000 collections of medical specimens and artefacts as well can be helpful for students’ learning process. This museum has also won an award for the smart museum category. iMuseum is open for public and during the pandemic, iMuseum conducted virtual tour.

11.2.2 Public access to libraries

Provide public access to libraries including books and publications

•With free access
•Paid Access

Maintaining integrity as the oldest faculty in Indonesia, the largest producer of medical graduates in the entire country, FKUI provides a library as a means of learning as well as a place to develop knowledge. Collaborating with the IMERI Knowledge Management Center Cluster since 2017, the FKUI Library continues to innovate on the basis of technology and information to make the Faculty Library superior and apply the values: service excellent, comprehensive, user friendly, current, and collaboration. UI academics, both the Faculty of Medicine and other faculties, have access to Digilib Library, which is located on the 10th floor of IMERI FKUI

11.2.3 Public access to museums

Provide public access to museums, exhibition spaces or galleries, or works of art and artefacts

•With free access
•Paid access


11.2.4 Public access to green spaces

Provide free public access to open spaces and green spaces

FTUI provide free public access to open spaces and green spaces especially for pedestrian walk. FTUI front yard greening in Salemba Campus is also continuously conducted each year to provide green open space in the city

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11.2.5 Arts and heritage contribution

Contribute to local arts, in terms of number of annual public performances of university choirs, theatre groups, orchestras etc. Either ad-hoc or as part of an ongoing programme

•Ad hoc
•Ongoing programme



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11.4.3 Allow Remote Working

Faculty of Engineering allows the faculties and employees to work-from-home considering the covid-19 pandemic. This regulation were enacted through the Decree of Dean Number SE-0258/UN2.F4.D/SDM.03.02/2020 that were applied until 2022


11.4.6 Pedestrian priority on campus

FTUI provides facilities for pedestrians that are clean, comfortable, safe and beautiful. Availability of roads with roofs and roads for people with special needs, sidewalks and sidewalks with roofs. The road is equipped with lights and motion sensors that will light up if someone passes by.