Implementation SDGs 2 at FTUI

FTUI has done tremendous action in order to achieve zero hunger in communities, such as contriving guide book on diets. There are a total of 9 books published with topics such as healthy diets from sustainable production, stunting prevention in children and the guide to diet in mothers. Moreover, these books are not only for parents but also targetted towards children, where children can learn in earlier age through comic books about the importance of vegetables and healthy diets.

2.3 Student hunger

2.3.4 Healthy and affordable food choices

Provide healthy and affordable food choices for all on campus.

•All food outlets
•Selected food outlets


Evidence :

2.4 Proportion of graduates in agriculture and aquaculture including sustainability aspects (revised for Impact 2021)

2.4.1 Number of graduates

In 2019, FMUI graduated a total of 1110 students consisting of 208 bachelor’s degrees, 192 medical doctors, 92 master’s degrees, 52 doctoral degrees, 460 specialist doctors, and 106 sub-specialist doctors. Meanwhile, in 2020, there were a total of 1085 graduates, namely 248 bachelor’s degrees, 222 medical doctors, 90 master’s degrees, 31 doctoral degrees, 407 specialist doctors, and 87 sub-specialist doctors.