Implementation SDGs 9 at FTUI

9.3 University spin offs

9.3.1 Number of university spin offs

University spinoffs have remarkably strengthened the linkage between universities and industry. The number of technology patents and spinoffs coming out of university research has a significant impact on regional economic and social development.

Research and innovation partnerships with companies are significant to push forward the application of medicine or medical technology to increase the health quality of the community. By conducting spinoffs, also enhancing teaching and learning experience for lecturers and students.

During the year 2019-2020 Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia has numerous spinoffs with various fields of industries. The spinoffs comprise of developing health devices, pharmacological research on efficacy and safety of the latest treatment or diagnostic procedures.

University spin offs during 2021 has increased significantly, from 15.6 billion IDR in 2020 to about 54 billion IDR in 2021. Herbal medicine and phytopharmaca has become a new field of research collaboration with industries in 2021, in addition to health devices, advance treatment and diagnostic modalities.

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9.4 Research income from industry

9.4.1 Research income per academic staff

Research and developmental income is income that is provided specifically to undertake or support research. In the context of University Spin Offs, our research incomes are provided by our partner in form of agreed payments for completed milestones.

FTUI’s research income in the year 2021 is increasing significantly compare to 2020 along with the shifting of pandemic to endemic stage. The number of research income received by FTUI has been recorded about 60 million IDR per staff.

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Number of acedemic staff

Academic staff are defined as academic professionals who are responsible for planning, directing and undertaking academic teaching, research and community service known as Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi within Medical Education institution.

FTUI has high-quality academic with qualification ranging from post-graduate, specialist, sub-specialist, doctoral, post-doctoral and professor degree. There is no difference of staff number from 2019 until 2021. There are 900 academic staff who work as academic staffs in FTUI.

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