Ajou University, Korea’s Ajou MST International Intern Program, which will be held from January 2nd to January 31st, 2020 in Ajou UniversityThe program offers an opportunity for international students to experience research in the Department of Molecule Science and Technology of Ajou University.

Department of Molecular Science and Technology is a graduate program focusing on interdisciplinary education and research, and there are 20 faculty members from diverse research fields of biotechnology, medicinal science, applied chemistry, and materials engineering. The total research budget of the department is over USD 9 million/year supported by grants including major research and education programs in Korea such as BK21 Plus, Priority Research Center, Pioneer Research Center, and Future Material Discovery Center. The faculty members are collaborating international research groups from Asia, Europe and USA and have also close relationships with industrial companies.

Undergraduate seniors or master’s degree students are encouraged to apply for the Ajou MST International Intern Program. Students accepted to the program will work at a research group of the department of Molecule Science and Technology for four weeks.  Applicants indicate one or two research groups that they are interested in State of Purposes, and acceptance is made with the decision of Research group. All interns will be supported by a stipend (1,000,000 KRW/month). The detail information about the program can be found at the brochure attached to this email or at http://www.ajou.ac.kr/mst_en/

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Tae Hyeon Yoo (mst@ajou.ac.kr) or me (jekim@ajou.ac.kr)