UM International Week 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the internationalization activities are essential especially providing a platform to cultivate students with international experiences in either the academic or the cultural aspect. 
We are delighted to extend our invitation to your students to participate in our upcoming UM Virtual International Week (UM iWEEK 2020). The event will be held from 23rd to 27th November 2020.
With a theme of “Embracing in Diversity for a Better Tomorrow”, we are hoping to make this International Week the platform for all students to be united in an event despite the uncertainty of the current situations. The 3 overarching pillars of  UM iWeek  2020 are Mobility Opportunities, Cultural Exchange, and Knowledge Sharing.
We are now accepting applications for our cultural exchange workshop. However, there are only 250 exclusive places available to attend the live virtual workshop that allows students to interact and engage with other participants in real-time. But worry not, if you have more students who are interested to join virtual workshops, they may join us live through our live streaming on YouTube.
Details of Cultural Exchange Workshops:
Students will receive an invitation email confirming their participation with an attached UM iWEEK 2020 Welcoming Package by 18 November 2020.
Your students will receive an electronic certificate of participation if they successfully participate in a minimum of 4 Workshops.
Don’t miss a chance to win prizes up to USD 15,000 by joining the competitions and your students might also get a fee waiver study abroad pass!
For more information, you may log on to