Seventeen students from the University of Indonesia (UI) who are members of the UI Motosport Student Activity Unit (UKM) won third and fifth positions in the national level karting championship, Eshark ROK Cup 2022. This event was organized by ROK by Vortex from Italy and in collaboration with the Motor Association. Indonesia (IMI). Eshark ROK Cup 2022 opens six types of championship classes, namely Junior Skirt, Expert Rok-Rokie, Shifter 150, Entry Level, Senior Skirt, and Mini Skirt. This karting championship will be held on 25-26 June 2022 at the Sentul International Karting Circuit and will be attended by 17 teams from all over Indonesia.

UI Motosport fielded one team in two categories. They are Faiz Rayyan (S2 FIA 2021), Dhia Andriyanto (S1 FTUI 2020), Mohammad Haikal (S1 FTUI 2020), Jati Anantya (S1 FTUI 2020), Fadillah Amal (S1 FTUI 2020), Dwiarto Mursyidan (S1 FTUI 2020), Kevin Alexandre (S1 FTUI 2020), Luthfi Muhammad (S1 FTUI 2020), Nurrahman Wahyu (S1 FTUI 2020), Imam Akbar (S1 FTUI 2021), Alief Rizki (S1 FTUI 2021), Rayandra Putra (S1 FTUI 2020), Fauzan Naufal (FTUI 2020), Kausar Nur (S1 FTUI 2021), Danish P (S1 FEB 2021), Ilham Bayuaji (S1 FIA 2020), and Galih Surya (S1 FTUI 2020).

“In preparation for the ESHARK ROK CUP 2022, we did a full restoration on our go-kart from overhauling the engine, changing parts, and bleeding brakes, which made the brakes more efficient and faster when driving. In addition, we also recalculated the strategy during the race in order to make it possible to enter the podium. For the team’s hard work, we are very happy and proud because we managed to achieve 3rd podium in the Shifter University class and 5th podium in the Shifter 150 class, “explained Dhia.

In this year’s karting championship, UI Motosport competed in two classes, namely Shifter 150 and Shifter University. Shifter 150 is a category intended for race participants who use a 150cc gearbox engine and can be followed by all groups. Meanwhile, Shifter University is a category intended for students from all over Indonesia and has the requirements for using a 150cc gearbox engine.


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Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia