Vision and Mission


To become a globally excellent and competitive engineering institution, through efforts to educate the nation’s life to improve people’s welfare, thereby contributing to the development of Indonesian society and the world.


  • To provide wide, fair and good quality engineering education,
  • To organize Tridharma engineering activities that are of high quality and relevant to national and global challenges,
  • To create engineers who are highly intellectual, virtuous and able to compete globally.
  • To create academic climate in engineering that can support the realization of UI’s vision.

FTUI Entrepreneur Vision #ExcellentImpactful

Establishing FTUI Entrepreneurs with Excellent Impact through Productivity-Based Multidisciplinary Collaboration Towards Excellent and Globally Competitive FTUI.

FTUI Three Strategies for 2022-2026

  1. Empowering Engineering Entrepreneurship,
  2. Impactful Research and Innovation,
  3. Modernization of Engineering Education

FTUI 11 Priority Programs for 2022-2026

  1. Organization of Multidiscipline Engineering
  2. Reverse Engineering Center
  3. Engineering Seed Funds and Grants
  4. Engineering Revenue Recognition
  5. Database Engineering Networks
  6. Organization of Strategic Engineering Education
  7. Virtual Engineering Education Facility
  8. Engineering Professional Program
  9. Partnership and Collaboration Package
  10. International Academic Recognition
  11. Engineering Student Entrepreneur Program