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Asia Pacific URTeC 2019

Expanding Unconventionals – Making it Happen

“As we continue to explore new opportunities, we must address challenges unique to the APAC region during unconventional exploration and development. For instance, identifying optimal techniques for challenging stress regimes and maturing logistics are keys to the industry reaching its full potential.  The industry needs continuous improvement to ensure projects are internationally competitive in terms of performance, reliability and production costs”
Message from Technical Programme Co-Chairs
Ray Johnson Jr.
SPE Co-Chair
University of Queensland
Andrew Garnett
AAPG Co-Chair
University of Queensland
David Close
SEG Co-Chair
For the last 10 years, the industry has witnessed increased activities in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and Eastern Hemisphere. Coal seam gas (CSG) to LNG developments in Australia, and shale gas and CSG developments in other APAC and MEA countries have proven that unconventionals can be commercially viable in our region and have afforded an opportunity for many operating companies to further invest in developing efficient and effective techniques to recover tight gas, CSG and shale gas.

Aptly themed “Expanding Unconventionals – Making it Happen”, the Asia Pacific Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (Asia Pacific URTeC) aims to gather regional and global experts, regulators and prominent researchers to share their technical know-how and technology advancements, providing new perspectives in evaluating and optimising unconventional resources.

Submission categories includes:

  • Unconventional reservoir development: Impacts and economics
  • Integrated characterisation of unconventional reservoirs: From outcrops to geomodels
  • Advanced formation evaluation of unconventional reservoirs
  • Geomechanics in unconventional: From mechanical properties to hydraulic fracturing
  • And more

Submit your paper proposals by 
25 April 2019

What to Expect

     ✔ Executive plenary and panel sessions with industry
business leaders
     ✔ 200+ participants from 10+ countries
     ✔ 30+ industry and technology expert speakers
     ✔ 10+ hours of focused technical and Knowledge
Sharing ePoster sessions
     ✔ 6+ hours of targeted networking breaks
     ✔ Technical showcase of the cutting-edge services and solutions

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Submit Paper ProposalSubmit your paper by
25 April 2019

Step-by-Step Submission Guidelines
  1. Take a look at the submission categories
  2. Review the abstract submission guidelines
  3. Download a sample abstract for reference
  4. Submit your abstract online

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