Doctorate Candidate from the Electrical Engineering Department, FTUI, Dr. Setiyo Budiyanto defended his dissertation entitled: “The Performance Enhancement of Load Balancing and UMTS – IEEE 802.11g Offload with the New Genetic Zone Routing Protocol Model” during the Open Session Conferement of Doctorate Candidate last Thursday, 12 May 2016. Acting as Head of Examiner Committee is Prof. Dr. Ir. Harry Sudibyo, M.Sc, with Promoter: Prof. Dr. Ir. Dadang Gunawan, M.EngCo-Promoter: Dr. Ir. Muhammad Asvial, M.Eng. Other Examiner Committee members are: Prof. Dr. Ir. Adit Kurniawan, M.Eng; Prof. Dr. Ir. Bagio Budiardjo, M.Sc; Prof. Ir. Djamhari Sirat, M.Sc., Ph.D; Ir. Gunawan Wibisono, M.Sc., Ph.D; Dr. Muhammad Suryanegara, ST., M.Sc.

The usage of data traffic in cellular network nowdays, in this case the UMTS (Universal Mobile Tellecommunications System) is increasing concomitant to the development of its supporting technology. This fact bring forth the idea to channel the cellular data traffic to other wireless network, the Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). The process of transferring data traffic from the UMTS network to the Wi-Fi network, and vice versa is called the UMTS-WiFi Offload process. This process used the VHO (Vertical Hand Over) algorithm.

Currently, there hasn’t been any research discussing the special routing protocol which will enabled to channel traffic to other access point in a cluster. On the other hand, the MANET (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network) technology have several routing protocol concepts: reactive, proactive, and hybrid. The research done to determine how a hybrid algorithm method in the MANET network, in this case the GZRP (Generic Zone Routing Protocol) can be developed with VHO to solve the bottle neck data traffic issue which can be found in the UMTS-WiFi offload network.

Based on the research done, it can be concluded that the research done by Doctorate Candidate Setiyo Budiyanto use the GZRP Routing Protocol combined with VHO in a UMTS-WiFi Offload Network resulting in several network performance enhancements. (Office of PR FTUI).