Meiji University will hold a 12-day program, “Cool Japan Summer Program” this coming summer.
This is to let you know that the application period has extended until March 21 (Thurs), 2019 <Japan Time>!
We would deeply appreciate it if you could inform your students of the programs described below.
Please check our website <> for further details and the latest information.
What is “Cool Japan Summer Program”?
Cool Japan Summer Program is a 12-day program, comprised of a series of lectures, field trips and workshops on a wide variety of subjects relating to Japan’s contemporary images as well as its traditional culture.
English will be used throughout the course, so Japanese Language ability is not required.
For our “Traditional Japan field trip“, we will be travelling to Nikko (in Tochigi prefecture) and visit one of the Shrines and Temples of Nikko (UNESCO World Heritage) to experience nature and the traditional aspects of Japan outside the city for two days!
Lecture topics: Japanese Traditional Performance, Basic Japanese, Intro to Japanese Culture and Tradition, Anime, Idol Culture, Yokai and Japanese Folklore, Otaku Culture and Rakugo Traditional Comic Storytelling
Field trips in Tokyo: Tea Ceremony (sado), flower arrangement (kado), Yakatabune Classical Boat Cruising and Sumida Hokusai Museum
Program Date: July 19 (Fri) – July 30 (Tue), 2019
For undergraduate or graduate-level university students
1. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program as of July 19, 2019.
      *We will also accept application from students who are expected to graduate from an undergraduate or graduate degree program by July 18, 2019.
  2. Must be 18+ years old as of July 19, 2019.
3. Must be able to attend courses and give presentations in English, and submit an assignment paper after the program.
4. Must attend all of the program activities from July 19 (Fri) to July 30 (Tue), 2019.
Venue: Meiji University Surugadai Campus (Tokyo)
Program Fee: 150,000JPY
Language: English
Optional accommodation package is available upon request.

-Meiji University will not provide assistance in obtaining a visa except for students studying at Meiji University’s partner institutions.

Application deadline: March 21 (Thu), 2019 <Japan Time>
*An acceptance letter will be sent out only to the successful applicants on March 25 (Mon), 2019.
Please feel free to email us if you have any questions on the program.
Best Wishes,
Cool Japan Summer Program Team, Meiji University
Cool Japan Summer Program Team
Meiji University (International Collaboration Office)