“For 2022-2026, previous existing programs will be continued according to three strategies, empowering, modernizing and impactful and eleven priority programs,” said the Dean of FTUI, Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, S.T., M.T., IPU when opening the Dean Greeting the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (26/01).

At the event, Dean Heri was accompanied by the two Vice Deans of FTUI for the period 2022-2026, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yanuar, M.Eng., M.Sc. and Prof. Ir. Mahmud Sudibandriyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. Also present were the newly elected Head and Secretary of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, Dr. Deni Ferdian, S.T., M.Sc. and Dr. Ahmad Zakiyuddin, S.T., M.Eng. There were 17 people who attended the event in person in the department’s meeting room with some of the department’s teaching staff joining online.

The Dean Greet Department roadshow activity is a forum for dialogue for faculty leaders, in this case the Dean and the two Vice Deans to convey the prepared programs and also listen to aspirations, suggestions, input and advice from the department regarding matters that can be accommodated in future activity programs.

In his remarks, Dean Heri also said that the FTUI management would continue the program of activities that had been started by the previous leadership. Dean Heri also added three new units as new forces that will oversee the course of the FTUI development program for the next four years. One of the programs of concern is the reverse engineer program which will target 40 products in the next 4 years.

The discussion took place in a lively and warm manner with several topics being the focus of discussion. Among them are the development of interdisciplinary programs along with laboratory facilities and infrastructure, the need for teaching factories so that innovation and research are more integrated, as well as several programs that can be run to improve the welfare of the department’s teaching staff. For example, through research cooperation contracts, research grants, and education contracts.

The Dean also praised the steps taken by DTMM and CMPFA which were the first to achieve ISO 17075 certification for their research laboratories. This resulted in a sharp increase in CMPFA’s revenue. Polar has also received the same certification in the Civil Engineering Department. In the future, all departments within FTUI that have service laboratories will be encouraged to immediately carry out ISO 17075 certification.


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