In order to increase the active role of the University on the number of scientific publications / journals of International repute  as a medium of self-actualization for academics / researchers in science development at international level and to improve the image of education and science in the eyes of the world, the University Ubudiyah Indonesia (UUI) intend to held the Joint Conference Drugtech (Drugs Social Sciences and Technology) in 2016.

Joint Conference Drugtech (Drugs Social Sciences and Technology) in 2016 is a routine UUI agenda annually and organized in cooperation between UUI Indonesia, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP) Malaysia, Mahasarakham Univesity (UM) Thailand, and Philippine Normal University (PNU) Phillipine as member of the Asian University President Forum (UPF).

The Joint Conference is divided into three disciplines as follows:

  1. Drugs; elements related to drugs, alcohol, pharmaceutical product development, and social impact in medicine.
  2. Social Science; relating to health, education, communication, culture, economy, Islamic banking, finance, law, management, political, psychological and social.
  3. Technology; related engineering informatics, telecommunications, civil engineering, architecture, information systems, robotics, electrical engineering, green technology, agro technology and technological innovation.

More information about the 2016 Joint Conference Drugstech can be obtained through:
Committee Drugstech 2016
Ubudiyah University of Indonesia (UUI)
Jl. Alue Naga Tibang, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Mobile: +6281263165839