Saturday, 30 April 2016 became one of those inspiration day in broadening the knowledge horizon of the Faculty of Engineering’s member in term of professional world in Engineering Procurement & Construction-EPC. Participants filled out the Auditorium and diligently followed the discussion of the Implementation of Integrated System in EPC Industry Seminar with the FTUI Graduates currently working in various Multinational and Local EPC Company (such as: Tripatra, Rekayasa Industri, IKPT, and many more) in Indonesia as Speakers. The two session seminar also highlighted a presentation given by Mr. Ray Howarth, an expert from Australia who represent Intergraph PP&M Asia Pacific.

This short course in EPC is strongly tied to the systematic effort in improving the Capacity Building for future Engineers of Indonesia in competing within the ASEAN Economic Society where an EPC Engineers will be expected to engineer a plant through a various of activities such as: material and equipment procurement for Chemical Industry or Oil and Gas Industry, and the construction stages of said plant.

A professional EPC can also be called an integrator because a EPC will mediate and coordinate all aspects in regard to the construction of a plant, from licencor (licensing), vendor (product seller), shipper (product shipment), even the operator (plant operation).

Ir. Teten Derichar as Head of FTUI Alumni Association expressed his highest appreciation for the Faculty Management Team and Intergraph as the Seminar’s Main Sponsor. He also gave his appreciation to the enthusiasm of participants of the program. This seminar was held in collaboration between the FTUI Alumni Center and FTUI Student Body Association. (FTUI Alumni Association).

Reporter: Askar Triwiyanto, PhD