Three students of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) Class of 2018 managed to advance to the top 10 with the design of a traditional culinary foodhub. The Sosonoan team consisted of Ahmad Izzah F., M. Rifan Budiawan S., and Satria Jetmelin P. under the guidance of Ir. Evawani Ellisa, M.Eng., Ph.D. designed a foodhub named Saung Sasonoan for traditional Bandung culinary during the Pandemic. This design was submitted for the Echoing Bandung Exploration of Ruang Asa competition held by the Bandung Engineering Institute of Architecture (ITB) and managed to advance to the top 10 of the 71 teams that competed before finally winning the Champion of Hope.

“Saung Sosonoan is a foodhub with a Saung concept that implements high social distancing and maintains hygienic conditions. We raised the concept of saung which is identical to lesehan and is a part of culture that we need to preserve. In addition, the lesehan system in the saung that we have designed creates space between customers based on the physical anatomy of the body and spatial proximity,” said M. Rifan Budiawan S. regarding the concept of the raised saung.

“The Foodhub that we designed applies cultural aspects in the design process in the form of a modular unit (Saung) and in the interior of the unit as well. At Saung Sosonoan there will be a large kitchen as a place to cook and we do not recommend customers to use the Take-Away system for certain foods because it will reduce the quality of the food, such as Seblak and Mie Beat. This food is better enjoyed warm,” said Ahmad Izzah F.

“The construction of Saung Sosonoan is planned to be in an area close to the cafe, restaurant and market area, to make it easier for restock and building sellers to enter the ecosystem business in the area. Saung is also planned to be close to office areas and universities where potential buyers are located, namely young people and office workers. Not to forget, there is close access to public transportation and residential areas, and is located on a secondary road with medium to low traffic,” concluded Satria Jetmelin P.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia