Three students from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (DTE FTUI), namely Khansa Nitisara Ramadhani, Yasmina Ashfa Zahidah, and Raissa Azarine who are members of Team 04, offer four solutions to improve the PeduliLindungi application.

The first solution that Team 04 offers is the live location feature. From this feature, application users can obtain information about the location around them, information related to the security of the location, and information on whether there are people infected with Covid-19 around them or not.

“The second solution we offer is the quarantine facility booking feature. With this feature, users will find it easier to choose a quarantine place according to the destination they want to go to. Users will be able to choose a quarantine date and location through PeduliLindung. This feature makes it easier for Indonesians to travel across regional boundaries,” said Khansa Nitisara Ramadhani, Leader  of Team 04.

“The third solution that we offer is the door-to-door health service feature. This feature will make it easier for users to order health products and services independently without having to leave the house. For example, ordering medicine or ordering a swab test service. The last feature that we offer for this application is the lock system feature. This feature is very important to prevent Covid-19 patients from traveling from quarantine places and visiting public places. Patients who are infected and undergoing quarantine cannot scan the barcode on the PeduliLindung application because the application will be in locked mode until the quarantine ends,” said Yasmina Ashfa Zahidah.

“We offer these four solutions for the development and improvement of features in the PeduliLindung application. We hope that this will increase public awareness of the importance of the PeduliLindung application by adding some new features in it. We also hope that through the addition and updating of application features, the addition of Covid-19 in Indonesia can be controlled and suppressed,” said Raissa Azarine.

Thanks to their idea, the three FTUI students won Third Place in the English essay competition held by SCOPE from the Center for Indonesian Medical Student Activities (CIMSA) Universitas Airlangga which was held on 19–23 January 2022.

Khansa Nitisara Ramadhani, Yasmina Ashfa Zahidah, and Raissa Azarine who are members of Team 04, presented their solutions in their paper entitled “Preventing and Controlling the Re-Escalating Cases of Covid-19 by Optimizing the Features of PeduliLindungi”. The essay competition they participated in raised the theme Accessibility Issues Surrounding Universal Health Coverage in Indonesia and Its Solution.

The Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU expressed his appreciation and pride for the achievements of FTUI students. “We want FTUI graduates to be highly competitive, superior and able to have a positive impact on society. The creative ideas of these three students demonstrate the ability of FTUI students to think critically and to solve a problem. In this is how to develop the PeduliLindung application to be more perfect and useful for the Indonesian people.”

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has made the PeduliLindung application mandatory for use by the public during their daily activities. This application also functions as a Covid-19 tracking application which is officially used for digital contact tracing in Indonesia. However, this application is still not fully utilized. Team 04 found some flaws in the PeduliLindung application features and offered four solutions to further improve the application.


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Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia