The Indonesian Bridge Competition (KJI) XVI 2021 is an annual competition for Indonesian Civil Engineering students held by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) together with the Ministry of Education and Culture. In this competition, FTUI participated with two representing teams, namely the Kampioen Roeping Team and the Morning Team.

At KJI XVI 2021, there are 2 categories to be contested, namely the Arched Bridge Model Category and the Steel Frame Bridge Model Category. The two teams also participated in two different categories, the Kampioen Roeping Team competing in the Arched Bridge Model category and the Morning Team in the steel frame model bridge category.

The competition, which was held from June to November 2021, online and offline in Pontianak, aims to build creativity and apply the theory that students get in lectures and then apply it to be realized as a real bridge model. This competition consists of several series of events, starting from the Making and Submission of Proposals, the announcement of the finalists and the final round in the form of the presentation stage and the realization of the bridge assembly.

The Kampioen Roeping team consisting of Feby Lidya Simatupang (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 2019) and Samsu Adi Nugroho (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 2019) together with their supervisor, Mulia Orientilize, S.T., M.Eng, designed the Arched Bridge called SAFE Brücke. With this design, the Kampioen Roeping Team won 3rd place out of 63 competing teams.

Meanwhile, the Kejora Team consisting of Fajar Nur Pangestu (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 2019) and Kevin Muhammad Atilla A (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 2018) with Dr. -Ing. Josia Irwan Rastandi, S.T., M.T won fifth place out of 89 competing teams.

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