Three students of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (DTSL FTUI) class of 2018, won Second Place in the 2021 National Tender Competition. Wanita Nahdah, Hanesti Adifa Rahmat, and Parakas Rifki Maulana, from EVLOGIA team competed in a competition that was part of from the PNB Engineering Scientific Competition (PESC) 2021 series of events organized by the Student Association of the Civil Engineering Department of the Bali State Polytechnic.

Under the guidance of Dr. Rossy Armyn, ST, MT, lecturer at the Civil Engineering Department of FTUI, the EVLOGIA team competed with 42 other teams in the competition which took place on June 30 – October 7, 2021. The competition was divided into three stages, namely, submission of qualification documents, submission of bid documents, and presentations. final with the theme “Economic Construction through the Development of HR Capability in the Era of the Pandemic”. The EVLOGIA team designed a plan for the construction project of SD 02 Tanjung Benoa.

“We designed the estimated cost of the building construction project and several other preparations. This design is a development engineering at the planning stage which aims to get an idea of ​​how much resources are needed in the construction project of SD 02 Tanjung Benoa. Project cost estimates are prepared accurately, efficiently, and effectively without compromising the perfection of the designs that have been made,” said Wanita Nahdah as EVLOGIA team leader.

“The process of preparing project cost estimates requires in-depth analysis starting from finding and determining unit prices, worker wages and materials to be used in the SD 02 Tanjung Benoa construction project. This calculation also adjusts to the design and general conditions of prices that apply around the project. Our team performs calculations and measurements in determining the volume of work from the initial stage of the project to finishing by using the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) as a guide in facilitating the analysis of the form of work required,” added Hanesti Adifa Rahmat.

“After doing an estimation analysis of all aspects, we need a budget of Rp. 798,270,000 to build SD 02 Tanjung Benoa with a construction target of 125 days. This cost estimate is based on survey results and analysis of conditions in the field, such as the location of the area where the project is being implemented or the basic price of materials in that area. We believe that the cost estimates that have been prepared and developed or adapted to project conditions, “said Parakas Rifki Maulana.

Dr. Rossy Armyn, S.T., M.T., as the team supervisor and FTUI expert in the field of construction safety, revealed that the strength of the estimation made by his team is in the synergy between planners, owners, and contractors so that the construction project of SD 02 Tanjung Benoa can be successful. “A good cost estimate can determine success for the parties involved in the development, in this case, the owner and the contractor. So these parties must have good knowledge and experience so that the estimated cost of the designed project can be applied.”



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