Ramadan is a month of sharing. In addition to competing to get closer to Allah, this month we are also encouraged to do good to others. The moment of Ramadan 1443 H made the Islamic Studies Forum Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FUSI FTUI) together with ILUNI FTUI, ILUNI Department at FTUI, and FUSI Foundation hold useful activities for others.

In its activities, FTUI FUSI opens opportunities for academics and FTUI alumni to donate. Later, the proceeds of the donation will be distributed in the Donations for Orphans at three orphanages in Depok City. During the donation period from April 19-23 2022, FUSI FTUI has collected donations of Rp. 24,000,000. The donation will be distributed in the form of clothing, food, and school supplies.

It didn’t stop there, FUSI FTUI also held Takjil On The Road. From the afternoon until sunset, they distributed hundreds of takjil to the community, motorcycle taxi drivers, and motorbike riders around UI.

The series of agendas aims to share sustenance with others. In addition, it is also a forum for friendship with academics and alumni. Ramadan is a good start to build noble habits and one of them is sharing.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia