On Wednesday, (30/3), the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (Iluni FTUI) held a webinar Iluni Talks #3 entitled “Beyond Iluni FTUI 5.0 and Iluni FTUI Social Media Silo Launching Application”.

In his speech, the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Heri Hermansyah said, “Digitalization and social media platforms are primary media and communication tools today. In addition, it is important for FTUI to carry out digital transformation, one of which is through Silo. Hopefully Silo can have an impact on FTUI students and alumni in the future.”

“Thank God we can launch an application for Iluni FTUI called Silo. Hopefully this application can be a place for synergy. With a large number of alumni, we need an application that can cover all alumni. Therefore, we made the Silo application. In addition to connectivity, we also need a database from alumni. I hope the application can continue to grow and be useful for all of us,” said Bang Nanang, Chair of the FTUI Iluni.

This webinar presents one of the alumni of Mechanical Engineering FTUI ’96, Gunawan Susanto. He currently serves as Country General Manager of Amazone Web Service (AWS) Indonesia. Based on his experience doing digital transformation on AWS, the most important thing to pay attention to is the customer.

“Amazon initially only sold books and CDs. Then, we explored sales and other fields as a form of our innovation. The transformations and innovations carried out may look different in the eyes of others. This happened to AWS, which at first was underestimated. But over time time, now AWS has become one of the companies with the largest revenue,” said Gunawan.

Furthermore, he added that in the transformation several important aspects were needed. First is culture. Build a culture that will be applied by the organization. Second, make a clear mechanism. Stages to change from one point to another must be prepared. Third, people or organization, this means to form an organization that follows the era and is stable. Later, when these three aspects mature, the transformation in technology will follow.

Malna Wildahta, alumnus of Civil Engineering FTUI ’14 who is responsible for being the Team Leader of the Silo App, explained that Silo is an acronym for the FTUI Online Iluni Information System.

“Silo was founded with the aim of collaboration. The term Silo is a manifestation of reminder and hope. Silo is a platform to unite goals and strengthen connections to realize other achievements,” said Malna.

Through Silo, FTUI students can share with users, just like uploading on social media. Users can share information, start discussions, post videos. It is hoped that the conversation between FTUI students and alumni will feel like hanging out at the Engineering Canteen (Kantek).

Not only as a means of communication, through Silo users can search and share jobs. Alumni are expected to help new graduates to find jobs.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia