One of the partners from the Career Development Center of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (CDC FTUI), namely PT ARUP Indonesia held a webinar about one of its recruitment programs under the name ARUP Graduate Development Program 2023. This activity was held online on April 8, 2022.

This one hour webinar was filled with representatives from PT ARUP Indonesia, namely:
1. Leonardi Kawidjaja as Associate Principal Indonesia
2. Adina Paskimasita as Office & HR Executive
3. Ryan Setiadi as Senior Engineer
4. Pujas Bakdirespati as Senior Consultant
5. Nadia Qamilla as Graduate Engineer
6. Odi Pratama as Graduate Engineer

PT ARUP Indonesia is a multinational company founded in London by Ove Arup in 1946. Until now, ARUP already has 89 offices spread across 33 countries. This company which is engaged in consulting, design, and engineering has six shared values, including quality of work, total architecture, humane organization, straight and honorable dealings, social influence, and reasonable prosperity.

Leonardi Kawidjaja explained, “Graduates who join ARUP not only join, but also go through a two-year training period so that they are prepared to become professional consultants or engineers who can continue to expand their careers in this company.” This was also explained by the Graduate Engineers, namely Nadia Qamilla and Odi Pratama who have been directly involved with many projects.

One of the projects carried out in Indonesia is designing the Astra Tower construction structure, PT ARUP Indonesia which was the first to introduce a first belt trussed structure in Indonesia and make buildings more rigid and efficient, especially during an earthquake. In addition, PT ARUP Indonesia also designed the construction of the Jakarta MRT and participated in the IKN (Nusantara) masterplanning.

Through this webinar, PT ARUP Indonesia opens opportunities for final semester students and new graduates of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia to join its recruitment program as Graduate Engineers through the 2023 ARUP Graduate Development Program.

This program runs for two years by implementing a formal work system and on-job-learning. Graduates will also get various projects, networking, mentoring, and self-reflection and can learn directly with other graduates. In addition, to hone soft skills in the world of work, PT ARUP Indonesia facilitates technical training and effectiveness skills training programs.

The Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU said, “With this webinar regarding the introduction of the recruitment program, it is hoped that final semester students and new graduates of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia will gain a lot of insight into the world of work. In addition, they can also learn from the graduates to be able to develop their careers as well as go directly to the world of work in the future.”

This webinar is held online and can be re-watched on Youtube CDC FTUI. The ARUP Graduate Development Program 2023 can also be read in detail at:


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