On June 6, 2022, the FTUI Kantek will reopen to serve the FTUI academic community. Previously, on March 21-25, Kantek FTUI had conducted a trial by opening services for FTUI students who took the Mid-Semester Examination (UTS) offline. Various enthusiasm came from the academic community of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (FTUI) and sellers at the Engineering Canteen (Kantek) who returned to selling. For 2020 and 2021 FTUI students, this is their first time experiencing offline lectures.

Akmali Putri, a student of the 2021 Environmental Engineering Department shared her feelings about the implementation of offline lectures. “Honestly, I am happy to study offline, but there is also sadness because offline lectures are only for UTS, while learning is still online. I’m happy because I can meet other friends because we usually only meet online.” Putri also said that she still had to use maps to get to one of the buildings. This is because he does not remember the location of the buildings in the FTUI environment.

Not only FTUI students, students from other faculties also visited FTUI to experience the tenant’s cuisine available at Kantek. “Before the pandemic, I often ate at Kantek, this is my first time here again after the pandemic. What I felt when I started studying offline again was that the stress was reduced. Because if you go online, the view is a wall again. So for me, offline lectures reduce stress,” said Ela, a 2018 Biology student at FMIPA UI who was visiting Kantek with two of her friends.

Other FTUI students also expressed their enthusiasm for offline lectures. Some of the reasons are that the material is easier to understand, can meet up with friends again, and reduce boredom when doing assignments and thesis. If this transitional experiment is successful, FTUI will then hold lectures 100% face-to-face. Of course, various expectations of the academic community were conveyed to FTUI in the lecture process that took place, both online and offline.

“I think maybe FTUI can be opened at full capacity as soon as possible. I mean it’s already all good. So, we can make progress again,” said Rithik, a KKI student at the Mechanical Engineering Department, 2018. In line with Rithik, Indah (DCM CCIT 2021) hopes that FTUI can run full face-to-face lectures. Then, Rafi (KKI Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2018) added that health protocols in the FTUI environment should be tightened to avoid the emergence of separate clusters.

One of the traders at Kantek also expressed his hope for FTUI, “I have been selling since 1987. My hope is that the pandemic will end soon. So, everything can return to normal, lectures are also back to normal, and everyone is healthy.”


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia