Entrepreneurship Camp Program “Innovation into Invention” i3 FTUI carried out the registration of prospective start-ups assisted by FTUI in May-June 2022 and has successfully screened 10 groups. As the next stage, the i3 program which is the largest business incubator in FTUI, under the coordination of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation (WiN) and CDC FTUI in collaboration with E-Corp FTUI, held an inaugural meeting with selected business groups. This event took place on a hybrid basis, online via the zoom platform and offline in the Smart Classroom GK 304 & 306 on July 22, 2022, ago.

From the registration that took place last May-June, 10 groups were successfully captured, (4 through the individual scheme and 6 through the group scheme). The 10 groups that were finally registered in the i3 FTUI program are as follows:

  1. ENUI (Solar-Powered Additive Street Lighting)
  2. Team 02 (An Artsy Way of Painting (Plants))
  3. IO-Team
  4. Team 04 (Portable Rain Harvesting)
  5. Lecture Class (Tutoring to enter college with a mentoring system and class simulation)
  6. Zapato Pack (Eco-friendly shoe packaging)
  7. Sembulon (Provider of monthly necessities (Sembako) for families with an online system and can be delivered every month)
  8. Nalani (a company engaged in aromatherapy with a product in the form of a Reed Diffuser)
  9. Cinta Indonesia (Web-based technology agricultural startup that brings together farmers and buyers)
  10. Aftur Company (Apparel Business (Convection) from Textiles)

“As an outcome of the series of Entrepreneurship Camp activities, it is hoped that it can give birth to a pioneering business from FTUI. By the spirit of FTUI Excellent Entrepreneur with Impact. Hopefully, the participants can gain as much knowledge as possible and can be a provision to build startup businesses for their respective business ideas, “said Prof. Dr. Ir. Yanuar, M.Eng., M.Sc., Vice Dean for Education, Research and Student Affairs FTUI in his speech.

The opening of Entrepreneursip Camp i3 presented Radyum Ikono, CEO of Schoters, as a speaker. Schoters is one of the startups engaged in the ed-tech field, especially related to preparation for further studies, especially for students who will continue their education abroad with scholarships.

In his presentation, Radyum conveyed how to start a startup, tips and tricks for managing a business, as well as motivation to continue running a business. “There are three things that an entrepreneur needs to master when he builds a start-up. The first is the founders, who the founders are, what is the agreement between the founders, and the vision they have. Second is the idea. What ideas do you want to realize, for example, you want to create a startup with a digital market. The third is market size, knowing who our target market is, whether teenagers or adults, whether local or international, and so on”.

After the inaugural meeting, the 10 Entrepreneurship Camp i3 business groups will undergo workshops and mentorship for the next five weeks with a series of Fantastic Ideas (Idea Networking), Innovation Camp (Startup Incubation), and Expert Validation (Expert Validation). With this workshop and mentorship, it is hoped that it can produce successful startups from the realization of business ideas from the FTUI and UI academic community.


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