The annual event of the FTUI Student Scientific Olympiad or commonly known as OIM FTUI is the largest scientific competition event held within the scope of FTUI and has been opened through the online platform Youtube on March 4, 2022. OIM FTUI was opened by the Chair and Deputy Chairperson of BEM FTUI, Taqi Hammam Ariza and M. Rifky Raihan.

“Morning Technique! OIM FTUI is an event for networking and scientific competition for students of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia where in this event we compete with PKM and non-PKM branches in this activity. In addition, OIM FTUI is also a place to prepare FTUI students to compete and to be proud of the name of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia at the University of Indonesia scale and at the national scale,” said Taqi in his speech.

It is hoped that by holding OIM FTUI, students can get a place to develop their interests, talents, and achievements in the scientific field. It is also hoped that by holding OIM FTUI, it can form students who are useful for religion, nation and state. “Let’s develop our potential in a constructive way, together achieve the common goals of IKM FTUI, and together make an impact for ourselves, for the Faculty of Engineering that we love, and for the State of Indonesia,” said Taqi closing his remarks.

OIM FTUI 2022 Project Officer, Namira Putri Aulia, in the opening of OIM FTUI 2022 said that OIM itself is a forum to realize the creativity and interests and talents of FTUI students from 7 departments and 1 international program, especially in the scientific field which is packaged in the form of the Olympics.

“This year OIM FTUI brought the theme Open Your Pandora Box which means realizing OIM FTUI 2022 as a forum for FTUI students to explore their curiosity or interests and talents, especially in the scientific field. This curiosity is reflected in Pandora’s story which is also the highlight of the tagline carried this year, namely “#CuriousityBeyondEverything,” said Namira.

OIM FTUI 2022 aims to encourage FTUI students to continue to fulfill their curiosity through exploration or exploration of their interests and talents. Don’t forget Namira also said good luck to the contingents, and to other residents. Namira also invites FTUI students to support their contingents who will compete, enliven OIM and compete to score achievements for their respective departments.

In this event, OIM FTUI has several branches of competition that can be participated in, including the PKM competition branch consisting of (PKM RE, PKM K, PKM M, PKM T, PKM KC, PKM GT, PKM GFK, PKM AI), and there are non-PKM competitions consisting of Indonesian & English Debate competitions, Essay competitions, Infographics, Quiz on general knowledge, and lastly there is a Departmental Presentation competition from each department.

These competitions are currently ongoing until the Grand Closing day of OIM FTUI 2022 later on March 25, 2022. The hope of holding this OIM FTUI is so that contingents from each department can learn and evaluate their performance in this OIM FTUI competition before continuing to distant competitions. higher, so that the FTUI OIM can be used as a forum to recruit the Technical Contingent who will be retrained and become FT representatives in the OIM UI competition.


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