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OTC Asia 2020
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Excellence in Asia: Creating a Sustainable Energy Equation – The Next 50 Years

The fourth edition of the Offshore Technology Conference Asia (OTC Asia) will be held from 24-27 March 2020 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Over the past few years, the energy sector has witnessed increased application of new technologies, formed new collaborations, and enhanced business models to remain relevant and resilient.

Expanding on the theme “Excellence in Asia,” OTC Asia 2020 will highlight how Asia will continue as a centre of excellence to create a sustainable energy equation for the next 50 years. The drive for efficiency through vigilance in cost management, application of robust strategies and development of emerging technologies to future-proof the industry remains a nexus as it transitions into a lower carbon world.

Please submit your proposal highlighting your technical and technology advancements, and new efficient processes and solutions that will help the industry to stay robust in the evolving global energy market.

Please submit your paper proposals online by 24 May 2019 for an opportunity to share your achievements with a global audience of energy experts and practitioners.

Adif Zulkifli
Senior Vice President
Development & Production, Upstream Business
OTC Asia 2020 Conference Programme Chair
Chayong Borisuitsawat
Executive Vice President
Business and Organisation Transformation Group
OTC Asia 2020 Conference Programme Vice Chair
Richard Kho
Managing Director, Global Solutions, Malaysia
OTC Asia 2020 Conference Programme Vice Chair

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