Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Hartanto, M.Sc., Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) for the second time was awarded the honorary title of Visiting Professor from Shizuoka University, Japan. Prof. Djoko first received this honorary title in 2018-2020, and this year he again received the title of Visiting Professor from 2022-2024.

This honorary title is the result of the close academic relationship between FTUI and Shizuoka University which was initiated in 2010 when Prof. Djoko served as Chairman of the Advisory Team to the Rector of Universitas Indonesia from 2006 – 2011. The cooperation between the Universitas Indonesia (UI) and Shizuoka University (SU) was stated in the MOU between UI-SU and was signed by the UI Rector and the President of SU in October 2010 related to the Double- Degree-Special-Program for Doctoral FTUI-SU (DDP) and continues to this day.

Since 1997, Prof. Djoko Hartanto has contributed to building cooperative relations between FTUI and other universities in Australia and Germany through a double degree program for undergraduate programs. This double-degree cooperation continues to this day. It didn’t stop there, he also started a double degree program for masters and doctoral programs between FTUI and several partner universities abroad.

In 2010, FTUI has sent three DDP doctoral students to the first batch of Shizuoka University. Furthermore, every year 1 or 2 people are sent and so far have produced 18 Double Degree doctors. Not only cooperation in the field of education, but the close and harmonious relationship between FTUI and Shizuoka University also results in various studies and in-depth research in the field of engineering.

“I created this program with Shizuoka in 2010 with the scheme: students pay tuition for the first year at UI, and the next 3 years at SU are financed by SU through a Japanese government scholarship. This collaboration is mutually beneficial. SU requires human resources researchers provided by FTUI and the costs are met by them. At that time, doctoral students in Indonesia did not have qualified research equipment. So, the longer they are there, the better,” said Prof. Djoko.

Since 2012, FTUI together with Shizuoka University has also held a biennial international conference called the International Conference on Nano Electronics Research and Education (ICNERE). This international conference is primarily intended as a forum for the publication of research results from FTUI and Shizuoka University students and researchers.

“I hope that the closeness of FTUI and Shizuoka University can be useful and can build a good research and research world for both parties,” concluded Prof. Djoko.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia