Universitas Indonesia (UI) is preparing to welcome new students for the 2022/2023 academic year through a series of Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB). This year, for the first time during the Covid-19 pandemic, UI again held a hybrid PKKMB at the Balairung, UI Depok Campus.

PKKMB UI is implemented in a hybrid manner, where as many as 50% of new students attend offline and the rest watch synchronously from home. The offline and online attendance schedules of the freshmen alternate every day. Some preparations were made to welcome the young generation of this nation’s successors. Units within the UI synergize to carry out trials and re-checks so that these activities run safely and smoothly and pay attention to health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU said, “This semester, FTUI welcomes 2,203 new students from undergraduate, master, professional, and doctoral levels. 1,578 of them are regular, parallel, and international undergraduate students. The PKKMB UI activity welcomes new students (maba) by introducing the campus atmosphere. New students can try the yellow bus, visit the library, and see up close the atmosphere at the FTUI campus where they will be studying for the next few years. This is an initial introduction before they go to face-to-face lectures in early September 2022.”

PKKMB was held for four days (8-11 August 2022) with the theme “UI Students are One Because Different”. The theme was chosen because he considered that PPKMB activities were a continuous character-building process for the younger generation. Through acceptance of differences, UI students are expected to get to know each other, unite, and collaborate to achieve the best achievements in the academic fields of research, community service, and student affairs.

The PKKMB series will consist of scientific orations and briefings from national figures and UI leaders, Campus Life Orientation (OKK), Student Activity Unit Display (UKM), Independence Ceremony August 17, Introduction to the Academic System of Universities and Faculties, Student Learning Orientation (OBM), the exhibition of MSME works and a batik workshop, closed with a Culture Degree. These new students will start their studies on August 29, 2022.

Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) is an annual agenda to introduce and prepare new students in the process of transitioning into mature and independent students, as well as accelerating the adaptation process of students to a new environment and providing provisions for their success in pursuing higher education.

The implementation of the PKKMB is expected to be a vehicle for inculcating 5 (five) mental revolution national movement programs, namely Indonesia serves, Indonesia is clean, Indonesia is orderly, Indonesia is independent, and Indonesia is united. Through the PKKMB, students will become university alumni who have depth of knowledge, noble character, love for the homeland, and are globally competitive.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia