Last Thursday (24/3), DPKHA UI held a Coordination Meeting for the Utilization of Linkedin. In this meeting Ronny Supardi was presented as a speaker to convey the benefits of Linkedin for UI academics. Representing FTUI, FTUI CDC was also present to study the use and utilization of this platform for FTUI students and graduates.
Linkedin Learning is an open online course provider from the United States. The platform provides video courses taught by industry experts that are accessible via software. Linkedin Learning itself is a subsidiary of Linkedin. There are four categories in Linkedin Learning, namely Business, Technology & Software Engineering, Professional Development & Business Software, and Diversity Equity & Inclusion. Learning videos are available both offline and online. In the span of a week, Linkedin Learning can upload up to 25 new videos.

“Linkedin’s growth this year is quite fast. As of now, LinkedIn users in Indonesia have reached 16 million users. Therefore, to ensure the quality of Linkedin Learning videos, we have our own studio to make learning videos,” said Ronny Supardi.

Every user who can complete the course will get a certificate. These certificates can be added to enrich knowledge and build user profiles. Meanwhile, Ronny explained the benefits that users get by subscribing to Linkedin Learning Hub, which makes it easier for users to find the right skill development content, users can connect with other users through learning groups, social panels, Q&A, and other features. Then, users will receive feedback regarding the development of skills and learning that has been achieved during the course.

The Linkedin Learning curriculum is called Linkedin Pad. This curriculum contains internal and external content that can be adapted according to needs. This can be arranged by the University of Indonesia which will later be given Linkedin Learning admin access. It is planned that this Linkedin Learning account trial will be given to final year students who are in a transition period to pursue a career.

Met on a separate occasion, the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU said, “Hopefully in the future UI students and graduates can use this application to prepare themselves for the world of careers. Starting from networking to marketing their abilities both academically and non-academicly so that companies and industry can catch their attention.”



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