After a hiatus during the pandemic, this year the 2022 Teknik Cup will be held in a hybrid manner for several competitions. The 2022 Teknik Cup Grand Opening was held on Wednesday (11/04) and was broadcast live via Zoom and YouTube to raise public awareness that the 2022 Teknik Cup has started.

This year, the Teknik Cup 2022 will feature 6 sports, 4 e-sports and 8 arts branches that can be participated by students of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) who have active academic status at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or student exchange. With the tagline, “A Clash From The Past”, this year’s theme was inspired by the Kingdoms of the Archipelago. The theme and tagline are depicted from the mascots of each department and international program within the FTUI.

Tekni Cup is a work program under the BEM FTUI Student Creation Corridor which is always awaited by students. Participants come from 7 departments and 1 international program. This work program is a forum for FTUI students to channel and show their interests and talents in the fields of sports, e-sports and also the arts. The Technical Cup is also the beginning of the selection of athletes and artists at FTUI to compete in competitions at the Universitas Indonesia and bring the good name of FTUI.

The Grand Opening began with remarks from the Head and Vice Head of BEM FT UI, Taqi Hammam Ariza and Muhammad Rifky Raihan. “Morning, Teknik! Teknik Cup is here this year with a new form and presentation, but still the goal is to accommodate residents and attract contingents for the UI Battle Ground, UI Art War or other external competitions. This year, Teknik Cup is supported by all stakeholders and FTUI residents and is carried out in a hybrid manner by complying with health care requirements. A big thank you to the entire Technical Cup team. This is the beginning for you to revive the sports and arts climate at FTUI.”

The event continued with remarks from PIC and Vice PIC of Teknik Cup 2022, SC Teknik Cup 2022 from the Depor and Arts field, BEM FTUI 2022. Speeches are also delivered by representatives of each departments and ad guessing games. After all the Grand opening series have run, it is closed with the sounding of the gong to signify that the 2022 Technical Cup has officially started.

Met on a separate occasion, the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU expressed his hope for the sustainability of the 2022 Teknik Cup. “I hope that the 2022 Teknik Cup can increase the sportsmanship of athletes and artists as well as the enthusiasm of all FTUI students to continue to work and compete in their talents and interests in the branch. sports, e-sports and arts. Hopefully, they can represent FTUI at the UI level and contribute more achievements in the future.”


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia