On Friday, (25/3), the Electrical Power Family of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (KAGATRIK FTUI) held a webinar entitled “Electrical Energy Supply in Supporting the Data Center Industry in Indonesia”.

In his remarks, the Dean of FTUI said that for three months as Dean, the alumni community apart from Iluni, GATRIK became an active community, both in scientific and social activities. “Data is now a treasure. Revenue is encouraging. Hopefully, this webinar can provide enlightenment about the importance of data centers and data science in Indonesia,” said Prof. Harry.

Hedi Prakosa, Electrical Engineering Alumni who now serves as Deputy Executive Vice President of PT Telkom Indonesia was the speaker in this webinar. In his opening, he explained that internet users in Indonesia are growing rapidly. There are around 212.38 million users and Indonesia is ranked third in the world as the most users.
“Innovation continues to be developed to improve the quality of the Internet. 5G Mobile technology which has higher speeds has been used since 2019 in the world. In Indonesia, 5G will enter gradually and is predicted to be used by 100 million people by 2025.”

Indonesia’s digital transformation drives the growth of the Digital Economy through the acceleration of Digital Transformation. Indonesia’s digital economy is the highest in Southeast Asia. Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of USD 70 billion (2021) and a CAGR of 2021-2025 of 20%. The E-Commerce sector is the main driver of GMC USD 53 Billion.

The Global Data Center Market is trending in 2022. 30% of consumer-facing businesses will deploy and operate secure infrastructure to deliver optimal digital experiences. The company will utilize collocation partners in providing connectivity services to optimize investment in AI.

The Data Center market is still very open in Asia Pacific. Data Center Service Companies entering the Indonesian market, such as Biznet and Telkom Indonesia. The Indonesian Data Center market is very attractive to investors. Rapid action is needed to optimize the high potential of data center growth. Growth in the number and access of content will encourage operators to improve Customer Experience by bringing content closer to users. The demand for the data center market in Indonesia is growing very rapidly, requiring large and reliable Electrical Energy.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia