On Tuesday, (1/3) the Tax Administration Student Association (HMP) Vocational Education Program Universitas Indonesia (UI) again held the TAXATION 2022 activity. This activity is a consultation session on filling out the Annual Income Tax Return (SPT) of Personal Income (Fiscal Year 2022) for free. This consultation is intended for lecturers and teaching staff at UI as well as the general public. This consultation session is handled by UI tax volunteers individually.

In the online consultation activity that will last until March 31, 2022, the volunteers will assist taxpayers from the process of filling out the file to the method of payment. This consultation aims to assist the community in filling out and increase public awareness to comply with paying taxes.

The Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU. welcome this activity. “I hope that with this activity, lecturers and education staff in FTUI can immediately complete tax reports as a form of compliance with the rules and as good citizens. Timely tax reporting is also a form of our commitment to create an Integrity Zone within FTUI.”

The SPT report serves as a means to report accountability for calculating the actual amount of tax owed, namely payment or settlement of taxes that have been carried out by themselves through withholding or collection of other parties in one tax year or part of the tax year, income which is the object of tax, reporting of assets and liabilities. , as well as payments from withholding or collecting taxes for individuals or other entities within one tax period in accordance with the provisions of tax laws and regulations.

SPT filling can be done in two ways, namely e-filling and e-form. In this consultation session, Chindy Apriliya (UI Tax Volunteer) explained how to fill out SPT 170 SS via e-filling. “First of all, open djponline by selecting Login at www.pajak.go.id, enter your TIN and password, then enter the security code, and click “Login”. Select the “Report” menu, then select the “e-Filing” service . Select “Create SPT”. Follow the e-filing guide. Fill in the tax year, SPT status, and rectification status. Fill in part A to part D. In part D, click “Agree” until a tick symbol appears. A verification code will be issued and The Electronic Receipt Proof (BPE) of the SPT is sent via email,” said Chindy.

Reporting Annual Tax Return or SPT no later than March 31, 2022 for personal taxpayers. Late reporting of the SPT for taxpayers is subject to a fine of Rp. 100,000. Come on, pay taxes before they are due! Our Taxes, For Us!


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