In the 2021/2022 odd semester graduation, the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia sends off 384 graduates with 135 graduates with Cum Laude predicate. For the Regular/Parallel/International Special Class graduation program, there were 233 graduates with cum laude graduates totaling 89 people. The Postgraduate Program (Profession, Masters and Doctoral) have 151 graduates with cum laude graduates totaling 46 people. The FTUI graduation is held after the UI graduation with the graduation for the Postgraduate program being held on Friday, February 25, 2022 and the graduation for the Bachelor program being held on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

The graduation ceremony was held in a hybrid manner, considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The hybrid implementation was carried out by following a strict health protocol where all invited guests and the graduation committee underwent an antigen swab before the event. Present at the Faculty graduation ceremony, the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, S.T., M.Eng., IPU., the two Vice Deans of FTUI, Chair and Secretary of the Board of Professors of the Faculty, Chair of the Faculty’s Academic Senate, Heads of Departments, Head of ILUNI FTUI, Chair of BEM and MPM FTUI, and representatives of graduates.

Dean Heri greeted the graduates and their families at their first virtual graduation since serving as Dean in early 2022. “Currently the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and FTUI must live to adapt and make peace with existing conditions in order to continue to carry out the tridarma of higher education, namely education, research, and community service. The show must go on, and the graduates are a sign that during the pandemic the higher education process continues and produces competitive human resource output for development.”

In his remarks, Dean Heri said that to anticipate changing times and global competition in the future, FTUI continues to organize itself to become an Excellent and Impactful FTUI so that it is able to overcome the challenges of the times in an innovative, superior, and far-sighted way. FTUI continues the transformation to build FTUI’s Excellent Entrepreneurs with High Impact through Productivity-based Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Excellent and Globally Competitive FTUI.

Three new units of FTUI, Innovation Entrepreneur Unit, Engineering Interdisciplinary Research and Education Unit and Education Internationalization and Modernization Unit were also introduced in the speech. “To achieve this vision in the next 4 years, three major strategies have been prepared, namely, Strengthening Engineering Entrepreneurship (Empowering Engineering Entrepreneurship), Improving the Quality of Innovation Research, Community Service and High Impact (Impactful Research and Innovation), and Modernization of High Impact Engineering Education. (Modernization of Engineering Education). To support its implementation, three special units have been prepared which for the next four years will oversee FTUI’s Entrepreneurial development programs,” said Dean Heri.

At this graduation, the diplomas and transcripts were handed over directly by the Dean of the FTUI to three representatives of graduates for the undergraduate program graduation and the graduate program graduation respectively. Representatives of graduates who received diplomas and transcripts in person are as follows:
• Representatives of Regular Graduates: Adella Josephin (Biomedical Engineering)
• Representatives of Parallel Undergraduate Program Graduates: Yudhistira Josua Untung Mangasi (Metallurgical and Material Engineering)
• Representatives of Graduates of the International Special Class Program: Joel Andreas Martua Sianturi (Architecture).
• Representatives of Professional Program Graduates: Adam Yuta Prayoga (Professional Engineer)
• Representatives of Masters Program Graduates: Fitria Ariani (S2 Biomedical Technology)
• Representative of Doctoral Program Graduates: Martha Leni Siregar (S3 Civil Engineering)

Other graduates can also start taking diplomas and transcripts at the same time as the graduation ceremony at the Faculty Administration Center Building.

Congratulations to all graduates!

Graduation is not the end of the struggle, it is the beginning of your struggle in managing your future career. Fighting, networking, dynamic. Be alumni who excel in their respective fields. Color the progress of this country. Be an FTUI alumni who excel and have an impact on this nation wherever you are in the future.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia