The “AUA Scholars Award Program 2020-2021” is now open for application. Scholars who wish to conduct short-term academic visit at another overseas AUA university between 1 May 2020 and 31 March 2021 are welcome to apply for this award. Successful candidates will receive a total of 2000 USD from AUA. Interested applicants may refer to the documents attached in this email and directly send the application materials to us by 14 Feb (Fri) 2020.

The files attached in this email include:

1)      AUA Scholars Award Program 2020-2021 Application Guidelines

2)     Application Form

3)     Academic Visit Summary & Review Form (for applicants’ reference only, no need to submit as part of the application materials)

Please note that interested scholars are required to read the “AUA Scholars Award Program 2020-2021 Application Guidelines” before filling in the Application Form. Secondly, prior consultation with and approval of the host professor is mandatory before entering the application process. Lastly, at the end of the visit AUA Scholars shall fill in the Academic Visit Summary and Review Form to the AUA Secretariat within one month since the end of the visit.

The AUA set up the “AUA Scholars Award” (AUASA) in March 2018 with the purpose of increasing the mobility of scholars among the AUA member institutions. The Award is open to all faculty members and researchers of the AUA universities. The AUA provides financial support to scholars who wish to conduct short-term academic visits at another overseas AUA university. Scholars are encouraged to take this opportunity to advance research, share knowledge, conduct field study or establish international academic links in the community of AUA. Until now, there have been 28 scholars awarded. From the feedback and comments of the scholars who have completed their visit, we believe both scholars and participating universities benefit a lot from this program.

Further information, please contact: Ms. Fitri ( )