Call for Proposal Institutional Collaboration Projects OKP-IDN-10008

Call for grant proposals for Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)

This year Nuffic’s Orange Knowledge Programme is going to upgrade legal studies for higher education in Indonesia with a focus on legal skills and ethics. The call for applications for grant funding of € 1,200,000 was opened on 30 January 2019 and closing date for submission of grant applications is 25 March 2019.

Nuffic’s Orange Knowledge Programme is a 5 year global development programme, aimed to strengthening professionals and organisations through education and training. It contributes to the goals of the Netherlands’ development cooperation policy, in which education plays a significant role. The programme offers funding in 53 countries for individual scholarships, tailor-made trainings and institutional partnerships between Dutch and foreign education institutions in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and higher education. It focuses on the priority themes of the Dutch government (Water, Food and nutrition security, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, and Security and Rule of Law) and aims throughout the programme for inclusion, employability and environmental sustainability.

Nuffic is programme manager, in close collaboration with the programme’s funder, the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Running from mid-2017 to mid-2022, it will offer at least 51,000 thousand people the chance to change their future through education. With its institutional collaboration projects the Orange Knowledge Programme aims to support knowledge institutions in need of sustainable strengthening of higher and vocational education capacity within local priority themes relevant to development cooperation. Support for vocational education and connection to the labour market are important principles. Institutional projects consist of various activities that contribute to institutional development of organisations in developing countries on three levels: individual, organisational and institutional.


Applications have to be:

  1. submitted before the deadline, in the compulsory format. The format is one of the downloads under the link to this call
  2. Complete, including all required documents at the time of submission, in the English language;
  3. Must not exceed 25 pages, excluding the compulsory annexes;
  4. The annexes must follow the numbering and titles as indicated in the grant application form (checklist);
  5. The font size must not be smaller than Century Gothic 10;
  6. Must be submitted in a searchable PDF (including all the annexes) and a budget in excel via e-mail by sending it to

The email must at least carry the following information:

  • Subject: grant application Orange Knowledge Programme: OKP-country abbreviation-call number;
  • a description of the content: call number, country, attached documents;
  • the full name and contact details of the applicant.

Assessment and Selection Procedure

Step 1: Assessment of eligible applications Nuffic assesses the quality of eligible applications. The applications are assessed according to the following criteria:

I. Quality of the partnership;

II. Project relevance;

III. Project approach and design;

IV. Project management;

V. Technical quality of the application.

A specific score sheet and set of criteria are used for the quality evaluation of the application. These criteria are the basis to determine which application best answers the capacity gap expressed in the CPI. An explanation of the assessment specifying the assessment questions and their weighting is available on the website. A grant application is given a score for each of these criteria. The application must obtain a minimum score for each of the five criteria. Only applications that have obtained the required minimum score on items I to V, and therefore totalling a minimum aggregate score of 85 out of a maximum of 140 points, are taken into consideration in the selection of a winning application. Applications that have not obtained the minimum score will be rejected.

Step 2 After the assessment all applications will be ranked. The grant application(s) with the highest score(s) will be selected, within the available budget. After the selection Nuffic will inform the applicants with eligible applications by e-mail of the outcome of the selection.

Kindly check or here for more details about Institutional Collaboration Projects OKP-IDN-10008.