As part of the final assessment for the Biomedical Engineering Project Design 2 course in Odd semester 2022/2023, the DTE-FTUI Biomedical Engineering Study Program held an exhibition and presentation of the results of student products/tools on Tuesday, December 20, 2022. Students class of 2019 who took part in the exhibition were divided into nine groups. These groups are Vein Finder, Ultrasound CVC Needle Guide, Dentplaque, Baby Sock Pulse Oximeter, 3in1 Tilting Table, Scaburncab, Transosseous Tunneling Device, Stethos-Hear, and ECG Vest.

Various prototype devices with a variety of functions and different purposes are presented in the lobby of the K building. The Baby Sock Pulse Oximeter was made to monitor heart rate and oxygen saturation in babies that are attached to socks and have been integrated with IoT. 3in1 Tilting Table, a table that has many functions to help patients with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Then Dental Plaque Detector which is a detection tool to help dentists show the inside of the patient’s mouth by visualizing the results of intra-oral images of the teeth on the monitor screen. Vein Finder Vein finder is a device used to see the patient’s veins using reflected infrared light.

Scaburncap is an innovation that comes in three different variants to help heal burns. Ultrasound CVC Needle Guide is made to make it easier for doctors to handle the CVC insertion procedure so that the injection target will be more accurate. The Transosseous Tunneling Device is a tool that can assist rotator cuff arthroscopy surgery in patients with torn shoulder tendon injuries. Stethos-Hear is a portable stethoscope amplifier that comes with a monitor so it can visualize the heartbeat in real-time. ECG Vest for ECG detection with a shape that can adapt to body shape and is simpler and lighter.

The 2nd Biomedical Engineering Project Design Exhibition was hosted by two biomedical engineering lecturers, namely Basari, Ph.D., and Siti Fauziyah Rahman, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D. Hamas, a biomedical engineering student class of 2019 who is part of the Vein Finder group, described his impressions during the prototyping process for medical devices, “This Project Design course is actually held in two semesters, but in semester 7 we are just starting to make product prototypes. And because this is the first time doing an offline project, it’s even more exciting and memorable.”

“This Biomedical Engineering Exhibition was held as an event for students to implement what they had learned in the previous semester into a tangible form. Through this exhibition, it is hoped that students will be more motivated to be able to create medical devices that can be used by the wider community, “said the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU.


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