The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) again inaugurated the 11th Smart Classroom. This Smart Classroom is the result of a joint commitment between FTUI and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to improve the quality of education at FTUI. The inauguration and signing of the minutes of the handover ceremony were carried out in the Smart Meeting Room FTUI (22/11).

Also attending the event was the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU. Head of the FTUI Faculty Academic Senate, Prof. Kemas Ridwan Kurniawan, ST., M.Sc., Ph.D., Chairman of the FTUI Professorship Council, Prof. Ir. Yulianto Sulistyo Nugroho, M.Sc., Ph.D., along with the FTUI management, JICA Senior Advisor, Hiroyuki, JICA Expert, Ryotaro Takano, Senior Representative for JICA Indonesia, Honzu Shigeo, and Representative for JICA Indonesia, Nakajima Tsuyoshi, as well as other invitees.

The commitment to procure a smart classroom was first conveyed by JICA at the moment of the 58th FTUI Anniversary on 17 July 2022 through the signing of a commitment by the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU and Ryotaro Takano, Project Coordinator of the JICA Project for Human Resources Development for Cybersecurity Professionals.

Prof. In his speech, Heri revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic taught how the teaching and learning process did not have to be done face-to-face. Even though FTUI has conducted lectures completely offline, FTUI wants to open more opportunities for lecturers and students to continue to carry out activities on campus offline, online or hybrid.

“Students can continue to participate in competitions abroad and take part in lectures held at the FTUI Depok campus. Of course, we cannot provide various virtual education and research support facilities alone. The presence of industry partners to help procure smart classrooms proves that by collaborating and synergizing between educational institutions, FTUI and industry, we can rise together towards a Superior FTUI with an Impact on the country,” said Prof. Heri.

In his speech, the same thing was expressed by the Senior Representative of JICA Indonesia, Honzu Shigeo. “JICA has a long history of supporting Indonesia’s economic and social development. Currently, one of the important issues for JICA in supporting Indonesia is cyber security. Procurement of smart classrooms at FTUI is part of JICA and the Universitas Indonesia’s efforts to develop human resources in the field of cybersecurity. I hope we can continue to carry out other activities or collaborate with FTUI colleagues and help the Universitas Indonesia become a cyber security hub at the Southeast Asian level.”

JICA’s smart classroom is the 11th smart classroom of FTUI, complementing the 8 smart classrooms donated by Kapal Api which was inaugurated in 2019, and the 2 smart classrooms donated by Paragon which were inaugurated in early 2022. Currently, FTUI is preparing an additional 8 smart classrooms donated by various parties. and targeting that in the future all classrooms in the FTUI environment will be transformed into smart classrooms.

This smart classroom is a modern and interactive smart classroom. The table and chair formations in the room can be changed according to the lecture model. These classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards, smart TVs, poly studio facilities, and smart projectors that have various advanced features to support various offline and hybrid learning models.


Bureau of Public Communications
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia