At the beginning of every new academic year, the UI Faculty of Engineering (FTUI) welcomes not only new students but also parents and guardians of new students. This year, after holding the Introduction to the Faculty Academic System (PSAF) for new students from regular, parallel and international undergraduate programs; FTUI also holds a regular and parallel undergraduate student Parent Meeting (POM) on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

Parents of new FTUI students enthusiastically welcomed this event. 712 parents of students attended offline at the University Hall of Indonesia and 244 parents of graduates attended online through the UI Faculty of Engineering YouTube channel. The event opened with a prayer led by Dr.rer.pol. Romadhani Ardi, S.T., M.T. and continued by showing profile videos, facilities, and achievements of the UI Faculty of Engineering. After that, the activity continued with the Dean’s remarks and the introduction of each Faculty Management and FTUI Department for the 2022-2026 period.

“In the next 4 years, God willing, we will guide all of our sons and daughters to become outstanding graduates and have impactful graduates. So excellent students, excellent lecturers, and superior facilities are not enough. The advantages that we have must have a high impact, so that your children can become the golden generation for Indonesia,” said Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU. in his speech as the dean of FTUI.

Prof. Heri also presented a brief presentation about FTUI which contained an introduction to study programs, new student profiles, lecturer profiles, accreditation, and others owned by the UI Faculty of Engineering. After a short presentation about FTUI, the activity continued with a talkshow moderated by Dr.-Ing. Ir. Dalhar Susanto as Cooperation Manager, Venture and Alumni. Dr. Nyoman Suwartha, S.T., M.T., M.Agr.; Dr.rer.pol. Romadhani Ardi, S.T., M.T.; Dr. Ajib Setyo Arifin, S.T., M.T.; Dr. Muhammad Sahlan, S.Si., M.Eng.; and Prof. Dr. Ir. Harinaldi, M.Eng. was present as a resource person in the Talkshow which discussed matters related to academics, research, student affairs, and facilities.

The talkshow was conducted in two directions between parents and resource persons for one hour. The POM activity ended at 12.00 WIB and ended with a group photo. It is hoped that with this activity, good cooperation can be created between parents and the UI Faculty of Engineering in supporting students when studying at FTUI.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia