The Community Service Program Team of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) also enlivened the 2022 Flona Festival. This exhibition was held again in 2022 after a long delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the theme “Third Room”.

The 2022 Flona Festival is a Flora and Fauna Exhibition (Flona) collection of the Ragunan Wildlife Park organized by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Forestry and Parks Service. This festival is held in the Banteng Field Park area, Jakarta.

The Community Service Team of DA FTUI is led by Dr.-Ing. Yulia Nurliani Lukito, ST, MDes as team leader and consists of alumni of the Department of Architecture FTUI, namely Nadya Fatin, S.Ars., Gita Advenia, S.Ars., and Gusti Ayu Nadya, S.Ars.

“With the rapid development of the digital world due to society’s adaptation to the pandemic, the 2022 flona festival has the potential to be a link between society as a community, nature and technology. We hope that this exhibition can be a forum for education for all levels of society regarding animal and fauna conservation in Indonesia in accordance with the vision mission of the Ragunan wildlife park. In addition, the education we hope can be achieved through increasing exhibition engagement with social media, “said Dr.-Ing. Yulia Nurliani Lukito.

In addition to exhibiting Flora and Fauna collections, at the 2022 Flona Festival there will be informative and interesting exhibitions for children, teenagers, and families with the concept of “framing the nature” that makes visitors feel in a natural atmosphere. Visitors will be invited to get to know animals through real-sized paw comparison, “paw hunting”, and flora-fauna zoning games. With this game, it is hoped that visitors can learn while playing, and can become interesting Instagramable photo objects for families.

Flona Framing Nature 2022 carries a vision to make Ragunan Wildlife Park like a zoo in developed countries inhabited by prosperous animals. In addition, there are seven missions carried out, namely improving the quality of animal welfare, improving the quality of environmental education, increasing scientific relations with universities, relevant agencies, and conservation institutions, increasing the professionalism of human resources, improving relations between Conservation Institutions at home and abroad through programs exchange of animals, improve the quality of visitor services, and increase the love of animals to the community.


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Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia