Architecture is ethically a field of science that has a responsibility to humans and nature. But in reality, nature is often neglected amid various global development interests. This factor is the background of the Department of Architecture FTUI holding the exhibition Architecture & Nature: Rethinking – Redoing – Repositioning. This exhibition will be held from 11-18 October 2022, taking place at the Engineering Center, Department of Architecture (Floors 1-3), and i-CELL (Architectural Studio, 4th floor).

This exhibition serves as a catalyst to reposition our understanding and response as humans to nature, investigating the existence of animals, plants, and humans and their cohabitation in the environment. It is hoped that this exhibition can also be a platform for students of the Department of Architecture FTUI to rediscover their curiosity and admiration for nature as the basis of the creative design process. In the process, students are required to observe animals and plants, as well as understand materiality, structure, and natural scenarios.

The works presented in the exhibition are a compilation of students from 2020, 2021, and 2022 batches of the FTUI Architecture Department. In its implementation, the Architecture & Nature exhibition brings 3 main themes as the focus of the object of his work. The first theme is Nature’s Inquiry which is assigned to students in 2022. They are assigned to investigate the arrangement and configuration of natural habitats made by various animals in their respective habitats, then create creative works based on their investigations.

The second theme is Guarding Nature, which is assigned to students of class 2021. In this theme, students focus on showing spatial connectivity in protecting nature and surviving in it. Finally, the third theme is Rearing Nature, which is assigned to class 2020 students. The focus of this theme is observing technological systems to preserve animals, and manage plants, and humans.

This exhibition runs under the guidance of several lecturers in the Department of Architecture, namely Paramita Atmodiwirjo, S.T., M.Arch., Ph.D., and Rini Suryantini, ST. M.Sc., Yandi Andri Yatmo, S.T., M.Arch., Ph.D., along with other lecturers as facilitators. Zetin, a student of the Department of Architecture 2021 expressed his hope with the holding of this exhibition, “Hopefully people who visit this exhibition can awaken the awareness that we do not live alone, but side by side with nature. So it is hoped that in the future nature can still be preserved.”


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